How it works: Mixology Kit

How the Mixology Kit works

Black Hair Essentials Mixology Kit allows you to experiment with your own unique blend of pure and organic hair oils for £29.99 regardless of which oils you select.

You can choose from 3 tailored kits that allow you to pick up to 200ml of hair oil out of our range of pure, organic, cold pressed oils.

As well as this each kit includes:

  • One 200ml glass bottle (to store your oil)
  • One mini plastic funnel (to help pour your oil)
  • One plastic applicator bottle (to mix and apply your oil)
  • A booklet with tips and information (to help you create your oil)                         

Mixology Kit A comes with 2 x 100ml bottles of oil of your choice

Mixology Kit B comes with 1 x 100ml and 2 x 50ml bottles of oil of your choice

Mixology Kit C comes with 4 x 50ml bottles of oil of your choice

Looking for that extra boost? You can also add essential oils, which has unique hair and scalp benefits and fragrant aromas.

Choose from any of our three mixology kits then mix, apply and watch your hair thrive!                               

Unleash your inner mixologist and get your mix on! (Cue Missy Elliot)