What's in your hair Product? - Coconut Oil

Coconuts, the source of Coconut Oil a Black Hair Essential

Although the use and marketing of coconut oil in hair care has risen considerably in recent years, this oil has been used for hundreds of years for the hair, body and in food. The oil is largely composed of saturated fats and contains ferulic acid, which is a potent anti-oxidant as well as catechin, which has antibiotic properties. Furthermore, it does not have a great deal of vitamins and minerals, although it has trace amounts of iron, vitamin K and E.

What make coconut oil unique is that it is one of the few oils that can penetrate the hair shaft down to the outer cortex. As it has a low molecular weight, it acts as a great sealant and is believed to limit the absorption of water from the outside environment. It also decreases protein loss in hair, which plays an important role in determining the state and appearance of the hair. It has been recommended to avoid using coconut oil if a person is overcoming protein overload (e.g. when you have too much protein in the hair).