Hi There,

I am Rebecca and the founder of Black Hair Essentials (BHE). To let you know a little bit about myself I am a bit of a nerd obsessed with travel and all things hair care. I am also a proud introvert who loves dancing to hip-hop music from the early 2000s.

Now we have been introduced, I want to thank you for stopping by BHE!

The idea for BHE came in 2016 and has evolved in so many ways since. If you were here in the early days you will probably remember how much the website has changed. However, despite its evolution, the intention of Black Hair Essentials has always been the same, to provide people with the knowledge and products to care for their hair.

When I look back at my own hair journey, which started way back in 2009, there was always one stable product that always delivered…and that was oils.

Oils were the one consistent staple that I would use without fail.

Over the years, I have bought, used and experimented with many oils, some I loved and others not so much.

It’s not always cost-effective to try different oils, especially when you want to combine a number of oils to create your own mix. That’s why I had the idea to create an affordable line of natural and organic hair oils to help you experiment and choose oils that are right for you without breaking the bank.

  Our mission is simple. To provide affordable natural oils to make your hair thrive!