About You

Black Hair Essentials (BHE) is an online shop that sells hair care products and 100% human hair extensions. Our shop caters to you, who cares about hair care but also enjoys expressing your uniqueness by having fun with different hairstyles and accessories.

Whether you are natural, relaxed, transitioning, have locs, wear braids or extensions this shop should have something for you and is open to all. We truly believe the diversity of afro, straight, textured and curly hair deserves to be celebrated through creative self-expression and treated with the utmost care using the best quality products.

A Bit About Us

Black Hair Essentials is a small family run business owned by the London-born couple, Rebecca and Dwayne. Ever since Rebecca was young she had always wanted to have long hair, but like many young black women, she was brought up with the myth that black hair is difficult to grow and maintain. In 2009, a few years after relaxing her hair, Rebecca’s hair became damaged, short and very thin. As a result, she turned to the internet for solutions and during her search came across YouTube videos, blogs and forums which featured beautiful black women with healthy long hair. After that, she never looked back and her hair has improved by leaps and bounds ever since.

Researching hair care tips and watching endless hours of tutorials soon became an avid hobby, which slowly turned into a secret desire to one day start a hair care business. Until one day that day eventually came. After speaking to Dwayne about her frustration about the lack of representation in the black hair care industry the idea of Black Hair Essentials was born as a way to give back to the internet community that helped Rebecca with her hair woes. With the encouragement and help from Dwayne, they registered the business and the rest is history.