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The last blog post (read here) talks about some of the benefits of butters in hair care. Now today we will suggest 5 great ways you can incorporate these nourishing butters into your hair regimen. Sealant Probably one of the main uses of butters is a sealant for moisture. They are particularly beneficial for those with dry hair as they work well at preventing moisture loss. Apply the butter after using your daily moisturiser as you would with a regular sealant or oil. It is important when using butters that they are used as and when needed because they can...

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You may have heard of the L.O.C. method in blog posts or forums, but what does it actually mean? L.O.C is an acronym for: L - Leave-in (or Liquid) O – Oil C – Cream This refers specifically to the order you apply a moisturiser, oil and cream to your hair. In general, most people moisturise and seal their hair with a daily moisturiser and oil. The aim of the L.O.C method is to follow up with a creamy moisturiser or butter, which acts as a second sealant. This creates an extra barrier to maximise moisture retention, which helps to...

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