As our lives get busier finding the time to stick to a consistent regimen starts to feel less and less possible. However, the best habits are formed with a plan and a well-thought out strategy, so we have created a free monthly hair planner that you can use to help you plan and achieve your goals. The planner is not dated so you can use it any time of the year just write the month in the box located in the right-hand corner.

When it comes to goals less is more. The fewer goals you have the more likely you will stick to them because you are able to apply more focus.  The planner has space for three goals; these can be short or long-term hair goals or a combination of both. Good goals will have both because once you complete short term goals it will keep you motivated so you are more likely to continue. Don’t forget it is the small goals that can lead to the big victories.

Write five action steps that you are going to do to achieve your goals. This is as important as the goal itself because you need to know how you are going to make your goal a reality. Remember a goal without a plan is a wish! Examples of action steps can be to: - deep condition once a week, to moisturise and seal daily, to research which oils are good for hair growth, etc. Whatever the action steps keep them simple and realistic.

Use the weekly regimen planner to decide what you will do each day of the week. This is because once you have planned a task into your day you are more likely to find the time to complete it. Afterwards, fill out the blank calendar with the dates and write down your weekly hair action steps. You can also tick off the steps once it has been completed to remind you of the goals you are working towards.

Last but not least, take a before and after picture each month so you can track your progress and see the improvements in your hair.

So to summarize...

1. Choose up to 3 Hair Goals

2. Write 5 Action Steps

3. Block certain weekday or weekdays for each task 

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