As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we thought it would be fun to share 8 hairstyle videos for you to re-create this Valentine’s Day. These hairstyles cater to different lengths and textures and can even be achieved with hair extensions to add extra length, volume and colour.

Watch the hair tutorials below to see if you get inspired to try out one or more of these hairstyles.

Twist Out for Short Length Hair

Just because your hair is short it does not mean you cannot have fun with it. How about trying this chunky twist out, it looks great and is quick and easy to do. You can also glam it up with some hair accessories.


Twisted Updo for Short to Medium Length Hair

The great thing about this updo is that it looks like it took ages to do, when in fact it can take as little as 10 minutes.

Top Knot for Medium Length Hair

The classic top knot is a good old faithful. This style can be casual or classy depending on whether you dress yourself up or down and can be done in minutes.

Half Up Half Down Top Knot for Medium to Long Length Hair

Why not get the best of both worlds with this half up and down top knot. It is a great way to show your length while having a protective style at the same time. 

Twist Out for Medium to Long Length Hair

Nothing can beat a well-defined twist out that has a soft and irresistible sheen. If you are natural make sure to stretch out your hair beforehand. This video recommends that you use Curlformers to do this. Although it will take longer the results are well worth it.

Half Up Half Down Top Knot with Hair Extensions

Here is another variation of this classic semi updo with curly hair extensions. The use of extensions is a fun way to add length, curls and volume.

The Late Night Loc Updo for Medium to Long Length Hair

If you are lucky to have luscious locs try out this elegant updo that looks like you spent hours doing what probably took you under 20 minutes. 

Five Easy Hairstyles with Clip-ins

Want more options? How about trying these 5 hairstyles which can easily be created with a set of your favourite clip-ins. You can also use pre-coloured clips-in or a curly/kinky texture to spice it up.  

Give one of these hairstyles a try for valentines or better yet as most of these can be done in a matter of minutes, you can add them to daily styling repertoire!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hairstyles for Valentine's Day and special occasions

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